Spinvis & Vinkenoog - LEEF MET PLEZIER!

The inaugural release on ninih sees yeyeh001 Spinvis & Vinkenoog reworked and reinterpreted by today’s artists of tomorrow. Spinvis & Vinkenoog collaborate one more time to bring you one of life’s most important lessons: LEEF MET PLEZIER!

Once you think you’ve learned your lesson Max Abysmal makes you second-guess yourself on Spiegel. The flip sees Sapphire Slows defying the laws of gravity with a completely new bass heavy Mamamiamarihuana. Lastly Oceanic finishes things off in fashion proving all the naysayers wrong with his remarkable version of Ja!

Snippets: soundcloud.com/ye_yeh/spinvis-vinkenoog-ja-ritmebox-remixes-yeyeh002-snippets


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