Spinvis & Vinkenoog - Ja! & Ritmebox

The first release on yeyeh is a compilation of tracks by Dutch poet Simon Vinkenoog, a former poet laureate, and renomated one-man band Spinvis. More than ten years after the birth of this album, it has been pressed into vinyl for the very first time.

A journey. A journey through sound. A journey of eighty-one years.
Simon Vinkenoog’s sound. Simon sings, speaks, yells, hiccups, and cries. As a poet. As a witness, passer-by, survivor, instigator, benefactor and chronicler of the remarkable twists of his own lifetime. A collage of music, sound and poetry, compiled with several hours of archived material. Carefully edited and soundtracked by Spinvis.

snippets: https://soundcloud.com/ye_yeh/spinvis-vinkenoog-ja-ritmebox-compilatie-yeyeh001-snippets


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