Meetsysteem - Cr:GO (Nana Adjoa / Elias Mazian Reworks)

Meetsysteem’s 2020 album Cr:GO get’s the remix and rework treatment in 2022! The incredibly talented Nana Adjoa reworked L.I.W.W.W. (Love is What the World Wants). Her deft poeticism and a fierce sense of?musicianship turned the original dubby track into a beautiful triphop/indie rock pearl. She freely and poetically translated the orignal Dutch lyrics into English. Enabling the important message of L.I.W.W.W. to now reach a worldwide audience. On the flip-side Elias Mazian, the DJ/producer turned singer-songwriter, beautifully reworked Meetsysteem’s nostalgic love song Sinaasappels. A beautiful minimalistic and dreamy take on the original that will be the perfect soundtrack for the spring to come.



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