John Talabot - Fin

Repress of the first album from Barcelona’s much heralded top producer John Talabot (hivern disc, young turks, permanent vacation). ‘Fin’ sees the mastermind set aside the danceable immediacy to expand his stylistic palette more than ever. For that purpose, Talabot melts all the elements that have constructed his distinctive sound until now and makes them emerge from a new perspective, in which the construction of complex song structures, intricate rhythms and superpositions of ever-evolving melodies and atmospheres pick up the baton of the ‘a kick-drum and a sampler’ philosophy of his initial productions. The result brings us 11 tracks (we should call them songs really!) dominated by dark ambiances, gaseous textures and bittersweet moods that, above all, reveal a kind of vivacity that’s really hard to find in contemporary electronics. ‘Fin’ is far from being a track collection. From the majestic opener ‘depak ine’ to it’s solemn ending with ‘so will be now’, one of the two tracks that features Talabot’s soul and label mate Pional, each song traces an overall dialogue with the rest, culminating a highly emotional journey through Talabot’s always compelling and unique musical vision.


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