Carolina Eyck & Eversines - Waves

“Waves” is the product of two weeks of studio collaborations between award-winning composer and Theremin soloist Carolina Eyck and Eversines, an electronic music producer who has previously released music on yeyeh’s sister label ninih. It builds on Eyck’s work composing for “Theremin & Voice”, with both artists playing a part in processing, modulating, layering and arranging vocal and Theremin sounds to create six breathtaking electronic compositions.

Varied in tone and execution, the album’s six tracks are arguably closer to instrumental pop than academic electronic music. Some tracks bear comparison to the cyclical melodic movements associated with the greats of American minimalism, while others recall the alien, otherworldly futurism of the Radiophonic Workshop, classic ambient music and the sun-bright bliss of early ‘90s IDM. Yet despite these possible perceived parallels, “Waves” sits on its own as a stunning work crafted from the simplest of musical elements.


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